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Receiving compliments from our customersis the most rewarding part of our business. Our sincere thanks goes out to allof our loyal customers. Take a moment and read through what they have to sayabout the Roper’s Ribs experience:

Hands down the best BBQ inSt. Louis. Plus the owners are super nice and friendly... it’sworth the drive and the wait.

-Sina S., Calabasas, CA,

Outstanding ribs and chicken andbeans served in an old-school local BBQ joint off the beaten path in St. Louis.Everything was tender and delicious. Locals were in and out of here constantlyfor the hour we were there, so Roper's is clearly well loved.

Mrs. Roper is as nice and welcomingas can be.

-Steve G., Chicago, IL,

The rib tips areoutstanding....tender, meaty, sauced well, priced right, large portions. I digthe brisket sandwich, even though it's messy, massive, and you'll be forced toknife & fork it. The polish....foot long, $3.75, loaded with that delicioussauce, it's a meal in itself. I like the baked beans, and the fries....thoughfor me, sides are usually a distant second at BBQ joints.

The prices are fair, the atmosphereis dive-y in a good way, and the food is good could I notlove this place?? That's why Roper's has become my go-to spot for BBQin
St. Louis.

-Geoffrey R., Saint Louis, MO,

This place has great BBQ - theystart with a dry rub and then sauce. Delicious. The family is very open andfriendly. Mr. Roper sat with us and chatted for the meal. Great hearing from a  legend about food and passion of serving the community and great food. I wouldcall ahead on busy days. Monday - you can slip in and have lunch with no wait.Ribs were great - brisket sandwich was amazing - the slaw, beans and potatosalad make a nice side to your dish. I love the hint of vinegar in everything -powerful tang but not overbearing.

-Randy M., Bakersfield, CA,

It looks like a small shop, and itis, but the food is amazing!We ordered the ribs and brisket, which wereawesome, but what really made this place special was the owner, Carl Roper. Hecame out to talk to talk to us, give us barbecue tips, and even brought out somefree samples of his pulled pork and, most especially, his fried shrimp(which are probably the best I've had, anywhere).

-Nathan C., Cambridge, MA,

Mrs. Roper was super nice and gaveus a great discount for coming all the way from Portland, OR. The rest of thestaff was friendly too. There was a little bit of wait but you don't want torush a good thing. I got the sweet baby back ribs, the St. Louis style ribs,BBQ chicken sandwich with baked beans, slaw and it came with a side of whitebread. The rib meat fell of the bones and was super moist. The chickensandwich was super tasty too. My favorite was the St. Louis style ribs.Steve Harvey's pictures are all over the place he must be a regular? Anyhow I'd recommend this place it was great. Probably good for a nice picnic if you'rein the
St. Louis area.

-Michael R., Florissant, MO,

Mr and Mrs. Roper are the about thenicest people I have ever met and they have a true love for everything BBQ. Ihave vowed to eat here any time I go to St. Louis. The baby back ribs arepossible the best food I have ever eaten and the St. Louis style ribs are alsoamazing. I am from the south so I am almost never satisfied with pulled porkfrom anywhere outside of North Carolina or South Carolina, however,Roper's has the best pulled pork I've ever eaten. You couldeasily drive right past the place, but this is a must stop if you love theQ.

-Steven M.,

Tenderest Ribs I Ever Had!!! RopersRibs have the most tender, delicious ribs I have ever eaten. The best lunch Iever had at a catered event. Not one complaint. The lunch we had the pulledpork, which is soo tasty too. But the Ribs. What can I say about the ribs? Ifyou love your BBQ done right and delicious, then try this place.


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