The family of Roper's Ribs wants to assure our community that the health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority. We are taking precautions to continue safely serving the Best BBQ In The Known Universe.

Throughout the day, we are frequently washing and sanitizing our hands and the restaurant.   We installed a counter safety shield and hands free sanitizer dispenser. Also, we are fully vaccinated. Thank you for your support. We’re All In This Together!

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Roper's Ribs St Louis “Best BBQ Ribs In America”

- Steve Harvey

Roper’s Ribs is a family owned Saint Louis Ribs restaurant. We have catered  barbecue in Saint Louis since 1976. Our great Barbecue taste draws customers to our restaurant literally throughout the United States and beyond its borders. We invest a great deal of time and effort in preparing our Barbecue. Our meats are hand rubbed with our own special blend of spices and slowly smoked for 12 hours with hickory wood to create an exquisite flavor. Our famous Saint Louis Ribs-baby back, or ribs St Louis style, rib tips, pulled pork, beef brisket and shrimp have given us bragging rights and national recognition as Hillshire Farm “Best Barbeque Place.”


  • Roper's Ribs - Best of City Search 2006
  • Best Saint Louis BBQ - St. Louis Magazine 2002
  • BJ THE DJ MAJIC 104.9
  • Charlie Dooley on Roper's Ribs St Louis 2010
  • Darrel Eason Program Director MAJIC 104.9
  • King of the Grill in Saint Louis - Jack Daniels 2008
  • On The Tim Ezell Fox2 Show - April Simpson 2010
  • Roper's Ribs a "Favorite Place on Google"- Google 2010
  • Roper's Ribs Best BBQ in America-Award Sponsored By Hillshire Farms
  • Steve Harvey Judge Mathis Gina Ravera Video
  • Steve Harvey’s National Hoodie Awards 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Tammie Holland from the Tony Scott Show 2010
  • The House of the Bar-B-Q Wizard - Norris G. Pearson 2009
  • Where America Eats - Publication International Ltd. 2011

The House of the Bar-B-Q Wizard

In this country, this is the place where the achievement of an optimal level of performance is continuous, eternal pursuit. In the competitive race, bereavement is a lack of competence where a satisfied customer is the only recruit.

This is where rolled or crumbled paper, charcoal and wood scraps are favors in a mystic process. It is here that customers come and find satisfaction after trying all the rest.

Products are prepared here for a special day, an event, a moment, or maybe all three. But everyone knows that when the food is completed and presented, it’s almost God Sent, the best that could ever be.

This is a place where each different dish is listed by number or preparation. Some are selected because they are nutritious, others based solely on the customer’s expectation.

The food in this place undergoes a scientific application, conducted under artistic, religious skill. Yes, they come for the taste, it’s terrific, but there is also the preparation and other magic performed on the grill.

This is the place of specially prepared meat and magically mixed sauce. It is with slight-of-hand where the Bar-B-Q Wizard dares to show who is boss.

Throughout the land, this house is known by cooks and the holders of culinary contests. The story is: this man and his spouse have shown that it’s more than handsome and pretty looks that keeps them rated among the best.

This is the place where customers come to eat, in hot summer weather or a winter blizzard. There is never a question, for the best cooked meat - it’s the house of the Bar-B-Q Wizard.

-Norris G. Pearson (January 1, 2009)

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Best Barbecue in Town!

For over twenty years, Roper's has been serving up the best barbecue in town! Our slow-smoked ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket have been nationally recognized as the best in the country...

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