Not only do regulars and visitors fromall over the world sing our BBQ praises but we have also been acknowledgedcountless times in print, online and television media. Here are a few of ourfavorite mentions:

The top spot for the Gateway City’sbarbecue specialties, such as St. Louis–cut pork ribs, snoots, and rib tips.Lunch for two $25.

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I wish I lived closer to St. Louis,because there is no way you can eat everything on Roper’s menu in one visit.They have an amazing array of goodies – including deep fried shrimp, snouts,ribs, rib tips, and brisket to name a few. Tate and I stared open mouthed for afew minutes while the two guys in front of us ordered. We finally settled on arack of St. Louis style ribs, a brisket sandwich and rib tips.

Back at the hotel, we popped openthe containers and started in. I love ribs. The St. Louis cut is my preferredstyle and these were truly excellent. They were cooked until done, but notoverdone and soft. The sauce was a nice balance of tomato, sweet, sour andspicy. The tips were the same way – If you like to gnaw around the cartilage ona big slab of ribs, then rib tips are for you.


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Snoots and Fried TripeSandwich-A barbecue master schools Malcolm in the mysteries of babybacks, snoots and the ethereal fried tripe sandwich. When Carl Roper offers youa plate of what he claims are "the best shrimp in the known universe," you takehim up on it…

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Matt and Ted Lee had a mission.Determined to find the best barbecue in America, they set out on a 3,000-mileodyssey from Kansas City to North Carolina…

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Ropers Ribs is a great place for coupleswho want to try all sorts of crazy spices on special slowly smoked ribs, pulledpork, beef briskets, or baby back ribs.

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When you want the fall off the bonesgoodness of delicious, authentic St. Louis BBQ, there’s only one place you needto go. Roper’s Ribs is the BBQ institution to External link opens in new tab or windowvisit


Steve Harvey’s
Hoodie Awards

Roper’s Ribs was the only St. Louisrestaurant nominated as one of the top four National BBQ finalists of the 5th,6th, 7th, 8th and 10th annual Hoodie Awards...