For the past thirty years, Roper’s Ribs  has been very active in supporting the community. During the past 2008  presidential election, Roper’s Ribs provided BBQ for Obama’s canvassers,  who worked hard to get the word out to vote across the Midwest. The  Roper Family invites President Obama to stop in Roper’s Ribs BBQ Restaurant  anytime that he’s in St. Louis to try our world famous Baby Back Ribs and Jumbo  Fried Shrimp combination. Furthermore, Roper’s Ribs has also been a big  supporter of Congressman Lacy Clay and has provided food for his campaign  parties and rallies on numerous occasions.

Two of the top universities in Missouri,  St. Louis University and Washington University, has also called upon Roper’s  Ribs to provide food for many student, faculty, and staff organizations. For the  past decade, Roper’s Ribs has provided food for organizations such as  Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club, KETC Chanel 9, The Salvation Army, Herbert  Hoover Boys and Girls Club, and countless other organizations that enrich the  St. Louis community. Roper’s Ribs truly takes pride in interacting with  great people and organizations that continue to make St. Louis a treasure of the  Midwest.